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What a winter holiday without the old pleasures, such as throwing snowballs? Memorize your childhood when you played in this pleasant and magical game. Now you can enjoy your time with your own snow team! Beat the evil of your neighbors -the girls team!


- Nice graphics.

- Delightful original music from the movies.

- The holiday atmosphere!

License: Freeware
2010-01-22 1306 Downloads

Tumble Jumble 1.0

In the based on the physics puzzle simple task turns out to be much more overwhelming than you would expect.

More than 60 levels you defy the laws of physics, in which you should build geometric shapes around obstacles so as to avoid the laser beams, and other dangerous creatures, but in addition it is also done for the allotted time.


- More than 60 levels.

- Laser beams.

- Dangerous creatures.

License: Freeware
2009-12-04 1218 Downloads

100 Nazi Scalps

You will have a chance to write his story ... if you can survive this brutal adventure! Each level has its own unique challenges: to keep the sergeant, to defend territory before the arrival of reinforcements, to kill the Nazi ... Sometimes manslaughter Nazis is not enough. So you need to get their scalps!

License: Freeware
2010-05-19 1263 Downloads

100 vs 100 - Large Scale War

The 100 vs 100 Large Scale War game is a real-time strategy. In this game you will control your great army. The task is to destroy the enemy castle.


- Attractive graphics and good sound;

- High enemy AI;

- Upgrade units, magic and training;

- Friendly user interface.

License: Freeware
2010-07-09 2302 Downloads

101-in-1 Games v.1.6

Completion of five new games! So now you have 116 games in one collection! And it's not all: we will continue to add new games in the future!

116 games for all tastes in one collection!
Puzzle games, tents arcade, racing, sports games, shooting games, puzzles and much, much more!
One of this collection is sufficient to satisfy all your gaming needs!

This is a collection of 116 games in one collection! Game of the Top 10 in Australia, Germany, Greece, England, Spain, France and many other countries!

Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch iOS 3.0 or above.

License: Freeware
2011-03-14 1625 Downloads

12 Solitaire Games from Astraware

Do you like card games? Astraware Solitaire is a fantastic collection of 12 most famous card games, chosen by the customer suggestions. It includes Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Clock, Yukon, Canfield, Four Seasons, Sultan's Harem, Idiot's Delight, Golf, Calculation, and Freecell, each with its different gameplay options. So you can play your favorite varieties of the standard rules.

Language: English.

Extras: Requires firmware is not below 3.0.

License: Freeware
2010-02-08 1512 Downloads

1951 - World War One

The 1951 - World War One is a three-dimensional planes in a dogfight with the elements of PRG. Excellent gameplay and an excellent portrayal game shakes, her you will feel a real sense of presence in the game.
The game has a system for improving your plane and has a special asses the aircraft to gain tactical advantage.


- Beautiful three-dimensional graphics;

- Different weather conditions;

- Support for gaming social OpenFeint network;

- Intelligent enemies which is difficult to get and much more.

What's new in version 1.2:

License: Freeware
2010-09-09 1121 Downloads

1951 - World War One

The 1951 - World War One game is a 3D planes in a air fight with the elements of PRG.


- Excellent gameplay;

- Feel the real sense of presence in the game;

- System for improving your plane, that gives the aircraft to gain tactical advantage.

- Beautiful three-dimensional graphics in different weather conditions;

- The OpenFeint social network gaming support;

- Intelligent enemies.

License: Freeware
2010-08-02 1124 Downloads

2009 Road Master

“2009 Road Master” is a racing game where you taking the role of an amateur driver who is forced to participate in illegal street racing, to recoup the huge gambling debts.


- 5 Different stages.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- 13 levels of increasing difficulty.
- 9 special obstacles, to fully test the player reaction.
- 3 different powerups to enhance the player automobile.

License: Freeware
2009-11-26 1171 Downloads

2012 Invasion

The Earth is invaded by aliens ... and only you are the one who can stop them! You have to stop automatic aliens using technology of the future. You have to fight through waves of enemy attacks. The game has a system of upgrade weapons. At the end of each level you will fight against bosses!

Language: English.

Extras: Requires firmware is not below 3.0.

License: Freeware
2010-02-03 1195 Downloads
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