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Music Studio v.2.3

Music Studio app is a professional music studio for iOS devices.


- Photorealistic dynamically configurable 85 -key keyboard;
- Instant positioning using gestures;
- 4 categories;
- Microphone;
- 127- track sequencer;
- 100 drum loops;
- Edit tracks individual notes;
- MIDI import and export;

What’s new in version 2.3:

- Option to customize the output MIDI clock;
- Start/stop input and output MIDI;
- Support AudioCopy 2.0 (compatible with iOS 7);
- Increased productivity and speed of sound;
- Other improvements.

Language: English.

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License: Freeware
2014-01-30 1446 Downloads

iCleaner v.2.0.1

iCleaner app is the most popular cleaning tool for your iPhone, iPad and iPod! It is designed to clean the entire data stored in the space of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, in order to avoid unauthorized recovery.


- Two types of cleaning: disk (flash memory), and contacts;
- Data can be recovered even after reset of menu "Settings". This app allows you to clear your private data (photos, videos, contact information, documents, applications, etc.);
- Now you can easily and safe use apps available on the Internet;
- Allows to clean temporary files, cache, cookie files;

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License: Freeware
2014-01-16 1722 Downloads

eWallet - Secure Password Manager v.7.5.1

With eWallet app you can store all of your important information wherever they are. Protect yourself, your money and information. Also there is an alternative to this program.


- Secure storage of passwords, logins, PIN-codes;
- AES encryption;
- Safe storage of bank cards and credit cards;
- Sync with Mac OS X and Windows;
- Backup;
- User friendly interface.

What’s up version 7.5.1:

- Support for iOS 7;
- Added button for quick access to Password Builder

Language: English.
Compatibility: iOS 4.3; 480x320, 960x640, 1136x640, 1024x768, 2048x1536.

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License: Freeware
2014-01-16 1409 Downloads

WhatsApp Messenger v.2.11.7

WhatsApp Messenger app is a program that allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for "SMS".


- MMS: Send your videos, pictures, and voice recordings to your friends;
- No hidden costs: Once you and your friends download the app, you can use it to chat without restrictions;
- Send millions of messages every day for free;
- WhatsApp uses your Internet connection (3G/EDGE) (or Wi-Fi);
- Messages in offline mode: Even if you miss a Push Notification on or off your iPhone, WhatApp store the message in offline mode until you do not get it the next time;

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License: Freeware
2013-12-24 2978 Downloads

FTP On The Go PRO v.3.2.01

FTP On The Go PRO app is the best FTP client for your iPad and iPhone.


- Browse and download files from the server FTP.
- Download, edit a text file using the built-in editor, and reload the changes.
- Built-in web browser that lets you view your changes without leaving the program FTP On The Go.
- Easily search by line number, will accelerate the necessary changes.
- All the usual file management commands: rename, delete and move files.
- Bookmarks make it easy to organize and visit all your sites.

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License: Freeware
2013-12-18 1394 Downloads

Adobe Photoshop Touch v.1.1.3

Adobe Photoshop Touch app is a great mix of useful features in your mobile device. Match your images, apply effects like a professional, and share your results with friends or family through the social networks.


- Use Photoshop features;
- Share images on Facebook;
- Lots of tools;
- Lots of amazing effects;
- Perfect controls;
- User friendly interface;
- Resolution: 1600 x 1600 pixels support;
- Synchronization with Adobe Creative Cloud app;
- And much, much more…

What’s new in version 1.1.3:

- Fixed a lot of bugs;
- Added support for iOS 7.

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License: Freeware
2013-12-03 1547 Downloads

Week Calendar v.1.0.6

Week Calendar is very convenient and comprehensive calendar app in the world. Thanks to this app you can easily manage your busy schedule. It works without installation using the Exchange, Google and other calendars that you have configured on your iOS devices.


- Easily add, move and repeat events;
- An excellent interface;
- Intuitive controls;
- Provides a clear and detailed view of the day, the week, months or a year;
- Powerful reminder;
- Possibility to add additional subscriptions;
- Easy to move, copy or paste events using drag and drop;

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License: Freeware
2013-06-22 1687 Downloads

Sunrizer synth v.1.3

Sunrizer synth app is a virtual Analog Synthesizer with lots of features. This app shapes between iOS and hardware synthesizers. This app performs and works perfectly with any MIDI keyboard.


- Cool SuperSaw sound emulation;
- Layered waveform support;
- Designed to create an extremely full and epic sound;
- 2 independent filters;
- Configurable routing;
- Select between various filter types;
- Modulation wheel offers you up to 30 parameters in a sound (including effects);
- Full support for CoreMidi, MidiMobilizer, MIDI mapping and Virtual Midi Ports;

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License: Freeware
2013-06-22 1372 Downloads

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera v.1.0.4

With the Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera app is a program that you can easily create the same pictures as in the Polaroid.


- User-friendly interface;
- 30 cool effects, including 10 specially designed for Polaroid;
- Adjustable effects;
- 26 color frames;
- Share photos via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Sina Weibo;
- Full compatibility with the iPhone 5.

Language: English.
Requirements: iOS 5.0 +; 480x320, 960x640, 1136x640.
Size: 21 MB.

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License: Freeware
2013-06-19 1323 Downloads

Analog Camera v.1.0

Analog Camera app is the quickest way to take pictures, process photos and send them to your friends.


- 3 capture mode;
- Stylish interface;
- HQ photography;
- Send results in the social. network.
- Eight filters.

Language: English.
Requirements: iOS 6.0 +; 480x320, 960x640, 1136x640.

Your rating: None
License: Freeware
2013-06-19 1162 Downloads
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