Celsius v.1.6 free download
Celsius v.1.6

License: Freeware

Celsius app is a terrific new program to get the weather data. This app uses the latest technology to show you the current temperature at any place directly on your iPhone / iPad. In addition to temperature in real time, on your desktop you will find many details about the weather an unlimited number of cities in the world, packaged in a stunning design and simple user interface!

Celsius app offers you any info about the weather anywhere in the world, as well as a 10-day forecast. It includes detailed information on cloud cover, precipitations, information about the time of sunrise and sunset and wind direction in real time, which uses the arrow on the screen.


- Temperature, Conditions, Humidity, air pressure, dew point temperature, Temperature-sensitive at the moment;
- 3-hour radar cloud (up to 2 days);
- 10-day weather forecast;
- Maximum and minimum temperature each day;
- The wind direction;
- Precipitation, Sunrise / sunset every day;
- Three-hour forecast for ten days;
- Three-hour-weather conditions and temperature for ten days;
- Watch satellite maps (the last 2 days).

Requirements: iOS 4.0 and above
Language: English, Russian, German, French and others.

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