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Little Runner 1.4

You should help a cute alien to run across grass platforms. These platforms are placed and attuned by the player with help of his fingertips. The aim of the game is to get the runner to run as fast as he can without having it hit any platforms along the way, or having it fall from a high structure.

You should know that when the runner punches a platform, the game ends immediately. Continuing the game is impossible, that’s why the player should start from the beginning of the game and not hit any of the obstacles.

License: Freeware
2009-11-11 1379 Downloads

9: The Mobile Game

Man has created artificial intelligence, but he could not give the soul to a mechanism. And once his work raised its hands to the creator.

In the terrible war mankind has been destroyed by mechanical monsters. Before he died, the professor who invented clever machines, sewed nine rag dolls, putting the human soul into them. Nine Heroes. Nine characters. Only together, helping each other, they are destined to survive. Survive to fulfill the mission ... to restore life on Earth.

“9: The Mobile Game” is a side scrolling action- game based on the lively heroic adventure film 9.

License: Freeware
2009-11-11 928 Downloads

Draw Slasher

You can play “Draw Slasher” right on your iPhone now! It is a survival action game in which you are fighting against Pirate Monkey Zombies.

These monsters have occupyed your peaceful island, and you are the only one, who can stop them!
Cut off your opponents hands, heads, legs like at the Japanese movies. Do whatever you want! Do it again and again and make the biggest combo ever seen!


- Great graphics.
- Lots of cut off heads!
- Easy, but fun fighting technics.

License: Freeware
2009-11-11 1515 Downloads


Wriggle is a new kind of puzzle-game for your iPhone! The aim of the game is to free the blue worm from the bewilderment in as few moves possible. You should resolve puzzles perfectly as many as you can.

Kids will enjoy the easy level. While the expert puzzles will be challenging for the most brilliant puzzle fanatics. So this game can be played by the whole famaly.


- Unique 80 puzzles and 4 difficulty levels.
- Record keeper.
- You can tweet your solved puzzles as you progress through the game.

License: Freeware
2009-11-11 1688 Downloads

2XL ATV Offroad

2XL ATV Offroad is a new graphical simulator racing ATVs from developers of the best racing simulator for the iPhone "2XL Supercross" company 2XL Games.


- Race on ATVs with 8 opponents.
- 16 unique ATV.
- Massive career mode and the system of awards.
- Treatment of free games.
- Method multiplayer with 5 opponents.
- Cameras from the first and third person.
- 8 control circuits including accelerometer.
- Adjustable difficulty level.

License: Freeware
2009-11-10 1923 Downloads


Your brave StickFighter spirit is not defenseless! You have to punch and kick enemies to defeat them and build Combo Points. Then you can use these points to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. At the end of each level your StickFighter will face a terrifying StickBoss! So will need a real skill to defeat such strong, fast foes! After each stage, you can choose which of your StickFighter's stats to improve: Power, Defense or Hit Points.

Also, you can listen to in-game music tracks, or choose your own music from the library.


- Good graphics.

License: Freeware
2009-11-10 1308 Downloads

Twilight Golf

The Twilight Temple was created deep underground to keep protected the golden orbs that had the power to call back the sun. The legend has been long forgotten... Until today…When the sun forgot to rise!

Experience Howling Moon Software's exclusive SHADE shadowing engine, the first real time dynamic shadowing system seen on the iPhone combined with smooth physics.

License: Freeware
2009-11-10 1149 Downloads

Crush the Zombies

The aliens have attacked your hometown and most of people in the vicinity are infected with the alien zombie virus. There is no therapy for this virus.

You should take your road roller and use it to get out of your house in search of survivors who are not infected with the zombie virus. You need to direct them to the exit door so they can run away from the zombies.

License: Freeware
2009-11-10 2541 Downloads

5 Minutes to Kill

Now you can play the game Five Minutes to Kill Yourself. You will find a typical worker in monotone office environments which decide to kill himself. Naturally, you can use a variety of items found on the open spaces of the hated office. To kill yourself you have only 5 minutes.

Other workers from time to time will start with you conversations, which can not be missed. As in normal life, it brings you nothing but a lost time. Sometimes, choosing the correct words of dialogue, you can get a colleague to attack you, but most of the time they will talk about the upcoming lunch.

License: Freeware
2009-11-09 1445 Downloads

Ground Effect

Glenn Corpes introduces Racing Ground Effect. It is the first application of the Glenn Corpes for the iPhone. You can feel crazy speed and participate in the coolest races.

What you can find in this game?

- 14 extra levels.
- 10 planes.
- Touch screen or accelerometer on your choice.
- Ability to see the replay and record race.
- Ghost Race mode.

License: Freeware
2009-11-09 1027 Downloads
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