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Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD v.a1.3.4

The main task of the Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD game is to protect your colony growth in a rich new world. You have to fend off never-ending waves of rival attacks in more than 40 maps and five missions of alien landscapes. Lost Earth is a kind of strategy, action, and adventure genre game.

In search of resources that have been run down on Earth, you are in command of nine exclusive towers and four singular weapons cruel. Your protection reaches one of four diverse mission objectives. Explore the world of Lorien or battle for high scores in the arena of the call.


License: Freeware
2012-06-05 2252 Downloads

Inotia 4 PLUS: Assassin of Berkel v.1.0.2

Inotia 4 PLUS: Assassin of Berkel game is an exciting RPG.
Continuation of the great game forced you to play and play. Upgrade your characters to increase your chances in the battle against a group of other players...


- A wonderful story;
- Complicated gameplay;
- Good graphics;
- 6 classes: Black Knight, Assassin, Wizard, Cleric, and Ranger;
- 15 different skills to each class;
- Possibility to adjust your strategy;
- 400 maps with different themes;
- Enemies and monsters;
- Immerse yourself in the emotion of darkness, light, and power.

License: Freeware
2012-05-23 2106 Downloads

Epic War TD v.1.4.1

Epic War TD is a sci-fi Tower Defence genre game, which stands out from the mass of such games.
In the game you will find many surprises. In addition to the 60 waves, covering four levels, you get three bonus missions! If this is still insufficient, in future updates will add new levels to whet your interest in the game!

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Epic War TD. You will enjoy every moment of game, as you will find 14 different types of enemies, five towers and gorgeous, detailed art style.


- 14 types of enemy troops;
- Detailed graphics;

License: Freeware
2012-05-11 1590 Downloads

iBomber Defense Pacific v.1.2

With the iBomber Defense Pacific game you can feel yourself like a part of the incredible action. Since you're using new versions of deep strategy to defend your base it is real!
You have to think about your deployment plan. Place the towers and prove that you can be a true strategist. This new game looks like an integration of elements of Tower Defense and arcade genre.


- Beautiful graphics;
- Upgrade options;
- A lot of enemies;
- Various maps;
- And much more.

What’s new in this version:

- Different fixes;
- Improved graphics.

Language: Englsih.

License: Freeware
2012-05-03 2226 Downloads

Lead Wars v.1.4.1

Lead Wars game is a unique turn-based strategy.
You control drawn units. You manage them with pencil. Here you’ll find 3 types of units: tanks, guns and airplanes. You can take a single campaign, or play a single mission. Take a pencil a paper and fight!


- Support of the Retina Display;
- Support for the Game Center;
- Online battles with other players;
- Cartoon graphics.

What’s new in this version:

- Full support for Retina Display (iPad new);
- Push notifications improvements;
- Save custom maps with online battles;
- Game Center fixes.

License: Freeware
2012-04-21 1540 Downloads

Towers N' Trolls HD v.1.1

Towers N 'Trolls game has a very nice graphics, with maps carefully drawn by hand.

Defend your empire against invading hordes of trolls, in a thrilling, fast in training, but master the difficult gameplay. Towers N 'Trolls game combines fast-paced arcade action with a fast strategy.
The game is played in 6 unique worlds and 30 maps, including the Lonely Forest, fertile pastures, Snowy Forest, the Underworld, Badlands and the North.


- HQ animation;
- Beautiful graphics;
- Varied game;
- 6 unique worlds;
- 40 exclusive maps.

What’s new in this version:

License: Freeware
2012-04-12 2690 Downloads

Hunters 2 v.1.0.1

Hunters 2 game is a continuation of tactical brick-busting action!
Continuation will be based on the same kind that made the first part of the game so popular as it is now. But as it happens, Hunters got two new gaming systems and weapons, new enemies and new missions.
The new part of the story will be specific! It will have a new hero- Caius Black. In Hunters 2 game each hunter will have the talent, definite skills and talents increase, which will bring players new tactics game.


- Every hunter is unique;
- Every hunter has his own abilities.
- Beautiful graphics;

License: Freeware
2012-03-22 1743 Downloads

RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion v.1.03

RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion is a strategy game in a completely original world! All actions take place on the lands known as Ekliss, where a large sun and three moons lit up the skies of the Estelion Empire.
In RAVENMARK game nothing is more important than a strategic planning for the battle! Show the tactical skill of the war, give orders to your armies, and gain the upper hand over your opponents!


- 15 campaign missions;
- Cinematic music;
- Strategic planning;
- Demonstrate mastery of tactics of war;
- Possibility to give orders to your armies;

License: Freeware
2012-03-21 1669 Downloads

Order & Chaos Online v.1.0.8

Order & Chaos Online game is a cool 3D MMORPG game in real time for Android!

The game has a great system for creating characters and settings. You can specify the sex, choose your preferred look, character class, as well as his talent. Here you’ll find more than thousand skills, above two thousand items of equipment, and play for four characters at the same time. In the game the battles expand for supremacy between the elves and humans, and between the Orcs and the immortals.


- A lot of different quests;
- Huge virtual world;
- Astonishing graphics;

License: Freeware
2012-02-11 2402 Downloads

Infinity War v.1.1

Infinity War game is a massive online strategy for the iPhone!
It’s an online strategy, which will be at your disposal with the whole connection of military units.
You have a great possibility to watch the growth of your empire, overcome new cities, build military facilities, and guide more and more new types of armed units.

Get ready to overcome the neighboring territories, defeat new people, and expand new boundaries. The game offers a remarkable freedom of actions. You will need to fight not only correctly, but to develop logically your cities and form new armies.


License: Freeware
2012-02-08 1851 Downloads
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