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Speedway GP 2011 v.1.0.1

Speedway GP 2011 game will give all of the most thrilling and adrenaline emotions on the highway on races on the motorcycles. Speedway game is a collection of different tracks and motorcycles with a maximum speed of 80 miles / h.
In addition, all motorcycles will be tucked into methanol, rather than conventional gasoline, which will achieve truly extreme speeds on a bike.
Here you will find high-quality, detailed graphics and realistic gameplay. It is fully transmitting all the thrill and experience of these racers. The game will offer a real-life stadiums and motorcycles. a


License: Freeware
2011-09-16 2089 Downloads

Chess Classics / Backgammon Classics v.1.5.0

Chess Classics game is the best simulation of real chess for the iPhone OS. It is a great game for the beginners who are just learning and professionals who are looking for worthy opponents.


- The most realistic chess;
- Training Mode allows you to learn the rules;
- Realistic opponents create extra interest;
- Compete with each other in two player modes;
- Simple operation - moving a finger shape;
- Play the other classic games;
- The board can rotate on 360 degrees;
- You can play in 3D or 2D;
- 4 sets of topics.

What’s new in the version 1.5.0:

License: Freeware
2011-09-16 1913 Downloads

Ducati Challenge v.1.3

Fell the speed and fun of two wheels with the DUCATI CHALLENGE game.
Prepare for breathtaking and exclusive challenges to the thrill of riding a Ducati motorcycle in the graphically stunning 3D racing game with the Retina Display support.
High speed and precision makes Ducati Challenge excellent simulator.


- Official models;
- The most powerful standard line-up models in 2011;
- 6 categories: 1100 EVO, Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP, Diavel Carbon, Multistrada 1200 S, Streetfighter S Superbike in 1198 and the SP;
- Original and different tracks;
- 3 competitions;

License: Freeware
2011-09-16 2424 Downloads

F1 2010 Game v.1.0.2

Experience the thrill of Formula 1 and plunge yourself in the official, adrenaline-fuelled world of Formula 1 in the new F1 2010 game!

This game is represented with all the 24 official drivers, 12 teams and 19 tracks featured in the 2010 season, including Korea, Hockenheim, and the return of Canada. The F1 game will dip players in 2010 in the magic and excitement of the most spectacular sport in the world.


- 24 official drivers;
- 12 teams;
- 19 tracks in different countries: Korea, Hockenheim, Canada and other;
- The most spectacular sport;

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License: Freeware
2011-09-08 2377 Downloads

NFL RIVALS v.1.0.0

NFL Rivals is an intense football experience game! You have a great possibility to select your favourite NFL team and support it during the 2011 season.
Every time you play, your account is downloaded to a global ranking of your team. Check if you can lead your team to the top?


- Real NFL team;
- Amazing visuals;
- Play live NFL Rivals games alongside your favourite team's schedule;
- The Natural Motion technology and HQ gameplay;
- All 32 NFL teams and jaw-dropping visuals;
- Fans from all over the world can unite to move their team up on the NFL rankings;

License: Freeware
2011-09-08 2599 Downloads

Touchgrind BMX v.1.3.0

In the Touchgrind BMX game you can become a BMX pro and execute breathtaking stunts in grand locations around the world. Your skill and imagination is the only limits of tricks that you can make! Surprise your friends by executing your best tricks and downloading video on YouTube and Facebook.


- Download video on YouTube;
- YouTube and Facebook support;
- Great graphics, amazing physics and realistic sound effects;
- Collect medals;
- Open a lot of different bikes and locations.

What's new in version 1.3.0:

- Game Center and TV out support.

License: Freeware
2011-07-22 12228 Downloads

Renault Trucks Racing v.1.0.1

In the Renault Trucks Racing game you will be able to control Renault Premium Racing with more than 1000 horses and 160 km / h against 5 opponents.


- 3 cool routes;

- 3 difficulty levels;

- 3 modes: Practice, Arcade and Championship;

- 2 Renault Premium Racing.

What's new in version 1.0.1:

- Updated design;

- Different improvements.

Requirements: iPhone / iPod Touch iOS 3.0 or above.
Language: English.

License: Freeware
2011-06-08 1709 Downloads

Fight Drunk 3D v.1.0

Fight Drunk 3D game is a trash sumo. Your task is to throw the adversary outside of the field. Sumo is the famous Japanese sport, where two massive guys have to push each other out of a field or to the ground.


- Easy to play;

- Just four buttons to use;

- Play against computer or against another player.

Requirements: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 2.2.1 or above.
Language: English.

License: Freeware
2011-06-06 4217 Downloads

Flick Kick Rugby v.1.5.0

Flick Kick Rugby game is intuitive, quick to play and allows to have fun on the go.
Also this game has multiple game modes: arcade, game time, game to miss.


- Possibility to control the angle and curve of your kick just with the flick of your finger;

- Realistic Rugby Pitch;

- 360 degree wind with shifting sternness;

- Multiple Game Modes;

- Online Multiplayer;

- Possibility to invite your friends into the game or play against other people;

- Online Leaderboards;

- OpenFeint achievements support;

License: Freeware
2011-06-06 1681 Downloads

Golf Battle 3D v.1.1.5

Golf Battle 3D game is a great universal app that puts a little more testosterone in golf. You have 4 dissimilar levels on different continents and they all look great! This is a full 3D map of the sky, lighting and water effects, as well as sand traps, water hazards.
Use advanced features of your phone, such as a Touch screen and a gyroscope. Try the online game head-to-head against players from all over the world in Golf Battle 3D!

License: Freeware
2011-05-06 2039 Downloads
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