Riddim Ribbon feat.The Black Eyed Peas free download
Riddim Ribbon feat.The Black Eyed Peas

License: Freeware

In the Riddim Ribon you should hold the ball on the track by tilting the device in different directions, to remain on the winding strip. Once you've moved away from the course, the music begins to gradually subside. On "race" track scattered silver spheres, jumps and rings, in which it is desirable to reach. Passing the song many times and choosing different route, you can enjoy every time new transitions in the music.

Bundled Black Eyed Peas tracks:
- Boom Boom Pow, featuring the mix-paths:
- Boom Boom Pow
- Boom Boom Wow (D.J. will.i.am Megamix)
- Boom Boom Style (Zuper Blahq Exclusive Remix)
- I Gotta Feeling, featuring the mix-paths:
- I Gotta Feeling
- I Gotta Feeling (Printz vs. [[[Zuper Blahq]]] Remix)
- I Gotta Feeling (Dave Guetta FMIF Remix)
- I Gotta Feeling ([[[Zuper Blahq]]] Remix)
- I Gotta Feeling (Taboo's Broken Spanglish Remix)
- Meet Me Halfway, featuring the mix-paths:
- Meet Me Halfway (Black Eyed Peas)
- Meet Me Halfway (Baby) [Printz Board Remix for Beets & Produce, Inc.]
- Meet Me Halfway (DJ Ammo / Poet Name Life Remix)

View iDivays with any file manager (eg iFunbox) and replace the files from the distribution (Documents and com.tapulous.rr.plist) in the folder / / User / Applications / PAPKA_S_Riddim.app.

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