How to Unlock IPhone 4

This article is about Jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone and everything which is associated with this procedure.
You should know that all existing and sold by Apple phones are attached to a concrete mobile operator. Apple Company has contracts with mobile operators of different countries. For example, in the U.S. is AT & T, in France - Orange, in Germany - T-Mobile and O2 in the UK.
Also, you should know that you can use your phone only with SIM card of these operators, which has contract with Apple!

The procedure for "legal" iPhone users looks like this:
- You buy the iPhone at the official company store of your operator or in the Apple Store;
- Then, you come home and conclude a contract with your operator via the internet;
- Once the contract is signed, the phone is activated and after a while it can be used!
But you need to run your iPhone and use it in any network (your operator) without contract! So you have to activate your phone and bypass the special checking of your SIM-card! The first thing you have to do is activate your phone and access the basic features of the phone. The second step is called unlock and jailbreak!

Unlock process:
Unlock is a software modification of the GSM-module of your phone. Thanks to the modulation, you can unlock iPhone and use it as the phone with SIM card of any operator (the operator you need).

But first we should describe a few methods of unlocking:

- Soft unlock: is a modification of the radio-modem without intervention on the hardware of iDevice. This type of iPhone unlock eliminates the SIM card check on belonging to the operator. There are the most often apps, used for this type of iPhone unlocking: AnySim (iUnlock) or iPhoneSimFree.

- Hardware (hard unlock): in this case the phone must be cracked, and through the Test
Point you’ll get access to the modification of the radio-modem software.

- Sim Clone (MultiSIM): there are used only some features of the SIM card check on belonging to the operator. With the help of this method you can achieve the "cheating" of your phone (for ex. iPhone thinks that the SIM card belongs to the AT & T operator). The information which is required for authentication in the network of GSM-operator (IMSI, ICCID and a secret Ki-key) is scanned from the subscriber's SIM card. This information is recorded on a special smart card, which simulates the work of SIM.
NOTE: secret Ki-key can be read only from the first generation of SIM cards (SIMv1). This process requires special equipment and takes a lot of time.

- Sim Proxy (TurboSIM, StealthSIM, NextSIM, X-SIM, etc.): this way is almost the same as SimClone method, but it uses the hardware "installation" (proxy) between the phone and SIM card. When your phone asks for information, to make sure that it belongs to the operator, the Sim Proxy gives AT & T card and forwards the request to the subscriber’s SIM card.
All you need to do is to cut your SIM card and put it on the adapter. Then, you should build it into the phone.
NOTE: does not require special equipment.

The work of unlocking process:
As you know, in the firmware of the GSM-part accessory there is checking of the SIM card (IMSI checks unique card code). This code consists of a MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile Network Code) and the subscriber’s identity MSIN.
GSM-modem checks MCCMNC numbers, and if this number is in the table of permitted (lockstate table), then the phone is registered. But if not, the work of the GSM is blocked!!!
So you execute the unlock procedures to make your iPhone work! Unlock process makes a complete copy of the firmware GSM-part (dump) and then the current firmware is deletes and modified writes back.

Now let’s talk about Jailbreak:

iPhone Jailbreak is the process of obtaining full access to the file system of your phone. This word means "locking" of the user in a concrete directory, when he can not get access to everything that lies over in the file-system tree.

In the beginning, the user has access only to the / var / root / directory. Here are stored all the settings and personal media content.
But also in this directory is forbidden to run other (non Apple) applications. So, iPhone Jailbreak allows you to get full access to all folders and files on your phone (read, write and execute).

Also, you need to know that there is hard and untether Jailbreak.
Hard jailbreak intrudes into already established official firmware, hacks it, installs apt system and manager of repositories (for e.g.: Cidya, Icy, Rock). Here are programs that perform hardcore jailbreak: blakra1n (GeoHot) and redsn0w (Dev Team).

Untethered jailbreak allows you to pre-create the version of firmware (makes custom firmware), which can then be installed several times, like the official way to restore the iPhone.
But unlike a hard system jailbreak, you can get root rights and install Cidya. You can also enlarge the system partition (for unofficial programs and apps) and even change the Apple logo when booting. Untethered jailbreak you can perform with the following programs: Pwnage Tool (Dev TEAM) and Sn0wbreeze (iH8sn0w team).
There are several variants of Untethered jailbreak:
- "Heavy" firmware (the set of currently installed programs and services);
- "Easy" firmware (erased iOS).
They are distributed as a ready solution.

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